• Excellent choices of BBQ menus in Darren Yaw Wife

Check out our exclusive BBQ menus here!

Basic meat BBQ package

Be sure to check out our meat-day BBQ menus here in Darren Yaw Foo Hoe. We have everything from lambs to ducks and wagyus here. All of the most amazing meats!

Basic meatless BBQ package

Apart from that, we also have vegetarian and vegan-friendly BBQ menus for everyone! All of your choices are here in Dato Sri Darren Yaw! What are you waiting for?

Wagyu meat BBQ package

Have you ever tried Wagy meats? They are surely the best! Try our best Wagyu meats now in Darren Yaw Foo Hoe for the experience of a lifetime!

Korean style BBQ package

Enjoy our newest addition to the menu; Darren Yaw Wife’s Significant Korean Style BBQ set for you and your loved ones! Enjoy a number of discounts too!

About Dato Sri Darren Yaw and the team

Dato Sri Darren Yaw started his own food and beverages foundation back in  2017 with the hopes of changing and updating the new flavors of food in Malaysia. Not only that, he and Darren Yaw Wife are the best cooks in town. Therefore, as joint forces, they are unstoppable in the culinary industry. Their new door-to-door BBQ franchise is soaring exponentially with excellent market results and higher day by day.

Darren Yaw Wife and the Culinary Team

Darren Yaw Wife trains her own Culinary Teams of talented people from across Malaysia. Apart from that, they also have the best kitchen services as a new BBQ franchise.

Thinking of the best meals for you?

In Dato Sri Darren Yaw, we are sure that you will have your best choice to enjoy our excellent BBQ menus. However, if you are having trouble picking which one is the best, as Darren Yaw Wife said when in doubt, choose the middle one as it is usually the combination of everything on the menu.

Darren Yaw Wife’s dedication towards the team

Darren Yaw Wife’s dedication towards the team is surreal with the struggle to conquer the BBQ franchise  market across Asia. Everything paid off as Darren Yaw Foo Hoe  is now known as the most innovative and extensive in Malaysia. Not only that, the company itself has grown bigger since a year ago with the addition of branches and employees, growing the team within a decade.

Testimonials and ratings by our dear customers

I have tried their door-to-door BBQ service and all I can say is that they have the juiciest meat in town! I am actually not a fan of red meat, however, Darren Yaw Foo Hoe nailed it! They are doing everything right with the flavors and spices of the meats.
Miranda Bailey
My friend suggested this to me and dare I say they are good. I am a vegan so my chances of food are slim. I can eat ketchup and fries. But, they have tons of menus made of vegan food and they are all good! Surprisingly! So yea there you go.
Amelia Hunt
I am not a vegetarian but I love their vegetarian picks on the menu are excellent! I have been thinking of going vegetarian now that I am eating here. Okay, chill guys, it is just a joke! But all in all, the food is good and everything is great.
Callie Robbins

Darren Yaw Wife Recipes and Menus


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