Dato Sri Darren Yaw BBQ 101 Guide for Beginners

Meat cooking on a grill - Dato Sri Darren Yaw

Like any other type of cooking, grilling may be harmful if you’re not familiar with what you’re doing. Review your grill’s owner’s handbook and always follow any safety precautions when in doubt. While Dato Sri Darren Yaw can offer general recommendations based on my grilling expertise, he cannot speak to your specific equipment. When using […]

Darren Yaw’s wife guide for chicken, pork and beef

Raw chicken on a white ceramic plate - Darren Yaw's wife

When it comes to starting or continuing your health journey, one of the first things many people do is adjust their meat consumption – either by lowering it or altogether eliminating it. After all, meat has a poor reputation.  However, according to Darren Yaw’s wife, meat contains many nutrients that the body uses for development, […]